Fire Services

Waterloo Fire responds to a multitude of fire related calls, whether it is a working structure or house fire, car fire, brush fire, or a small, non-critical situation. WFD will also respond to automatic fire detection alarms, motor vehicle accidents, gas leaks, downed electrical wires, and a variety of other scenarios where our assistance is needed. WFD members train regularly to ensure they are fully prepared to manage all incidents where our help is requested.

Rescue Services

Waterloo Fire provides both ALS and BLS service to the community. Many members are either EMT’s or paramedics, and are trained to respond to a large variety of medical or rescue related incidents. WFD has two ambulances, and operates under a mutual aid agreement with neighboring communities in the event that additional resources are needed on a call.

Hazardous Materials

Waterloo Fire members are trained to manage and in some cases mitigate hazardous material incidences. Many members are certified Hazmat Operations Responders. In the event of a hazardous materials incident, any additional resources needed will be brought in to assist with the management of the incident.